What do I do if my bird appears stressed, and it just arrived? What do I do if my bird appears stressed, and it just arrived?

What do I do if my bird appears stressed, and it just arrived?

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Thank you for contacting us regarding your bird and your concerns that it may be stressed or possibly showing symptoms that are out of the ordinary for optimal bird health. Early intervention is essential for bird health and recovery because birds are stoic, but they are usually stressed if they appear lazy. Here are some suggestions that may help your bird:


1. Ensure your cage is housed against at least one wall and not too close to a window. Proper placement will help your bird feel protected and safe. (Birds do not look at windows as a solid object, and a cage placed in the middle of a room also makes them feel vulnerable.)


2. When birds are stressed, they usually puff up because they are cold. Help your birds by keeping the room their cage is in comfortable and warm. Room temperatures between 75-80 degrees are ideal. If that is not possible, place a covered heating pad at the bottom of the bird's cage and turned on to a low-temperature setting, allowing the bird to sit on the covered cushion.


3. Add three drops of apple cider vinegar to your bird's water each day with the electrolytes provided in your bird's arrival package.


4. Cover the cage on three sides, leaving just the front of the cage exposed.


5. Keep activity and noise to a minimum around your birds as they acclimate. The acclimation period is a stressful time for birds, so interacting with them or having many things going on around them makes it more stressful. Even your voice is new to them, and they need to adjust.


Remember, controlling the heat and using apple cider vinegar are essential actions to take as soon as possible. In most cases, you should see your birds perk up within 24 hours.

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