EDT: Birds - How long to ship?

SHIPPING: Bird v1.0 How long to ship? 

How long does it take to ship the following birds: canaries, budgies, finches, parrots, lovebirds, parrotlets, exotic birds, doves, conures, parakeets, tanagers, pigeons, cockatiels,  bird seed, and bird supplies?

Shipping times and estimated delivery times may vary depending on the bird type and the destination the bird is to be delivered. Currently, we ship to the continental USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands. We do not offer customer pick up at our fulfillment centers. Please contact customer support for any additional fees and information related to shipping outside the continental USA. 

We ship live birds in specially designed climate controlled Safety Travel containers via Priority USPS which usually arrive to your local post office in 2-3 days, or by arranged Commercial Air travel to your nearest international airport. Bird supplies usually ship via USPS.  Click the "Shipping" tab along our green ribbon on our site to find more information about shipping birds.


Additional information about specific bird EDTs can also be found by clicking above bird category links to open and view bird species and bird products within each category listed. Once the categories are open, simply scroll through the birds and bird products listed on site, and select "View Product".


Each product page displays the price and estimated delivery time (EDT) which is the anticipated time needed between the time you place your order and the time you receive your order.  


Many factors contribute to the EDT required to source and deliver your desired birds. Some birds are easier to secure than others. Know, we work diligently to provide you healthy and high quality bird(s) as quickly as possible, and many times we are able to deliver your birds before the designated EDT.  However, in some cases further delays may occur. 

Also view our EDT chart on our site for all EDT types and delivery times. 


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