PRICE: What price are your pets?

PRICE v1.0 - What price are your pets?

 It's easy to view the pricing of our animals on our websites! You can easily view the pricing of animals in 2 ways:

1. Click the animal icon of the website you desire (ie: birds, dogs, kittens, fish, small animals, reptiles). Under the 'Shop Tab', select the category of animal you are interested in followed by 'View Product'. A full product description of the animal, videos, reviews, delivery times, pricing and other useful information are visible. In some cases options may be offered that may vary the price for an animal such as gender, DNA testing etc.



2. You may also use our search bar with the magnifying icon located in the top right hand corner of our homepage to search and view products. As products are retrieved, pricing also becomes visible. 


Note: At times there may be additional variations in pricing due to possible seasonal availability, age of species, etc.  

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