SAFETY: How safe is it to ship live animals?

SAFETY v1.0 - How safe is it to ship live animals?

It's very safe to ship all animal species we sell on our websites which include birds, fish, puppies, kittens, reptiles and small animals! Safe shipping is a primary concern of new customers so we highly recommend you read our 'Testimonial' reviews located under the 'Ordering' tab, and our 'Google' reviews under the 'Other' tab on our website homepages. You'll soon discover we have an over 99% success rate shipping live animals, leaving you confident you'll receive your live pets via our shipping methods and safety travel boxes with ease. We also have advanced biosecurity implementations to ensure both human and pet safety.



We safely ship birds and other mammals by Commercial Air cargo to international airports in the United States. Birds can also be shipped to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Some bird species can also be delivered conveniently and safely year round via the United States Post Office - Express Priority Mail, arriving at the local post office associated with your zip code for pick up, using our temperature-controlled safety travel boxes. Most reptiles ship by Fed Ex. We are committed to your pet's health and comfort, paying close attention to weather conditions to ensure your pets arrive safely.

In addition, review and learn more about our 'Policies' and 'Guarantees' under our 'About Us' tab. We are here to support you and deliver your pets safely and confidently, offering live arrival guarantees and optional extended warranties.


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