Care: Birds - Symptoms of Egg Binding Care: Birds - Symptoms of Egg Binding

Care: Birds - Symptoms of Egg Binding

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Symptoms:  if you find your female finch and yes only female finches will get this problem she will most likely be on the floor of the cage or aviary. You will immediately notice sign so of struggle or discomfort. Her feather may also be raised as she is trying to push out the stuck egg. If she does not pass the egg, she will die. 

Cause: Egg binding is quite common in colder weather. Lack of calcium and oils in their diet will also cause egg binding so it is important that you spot this one sooner than later. 

TreatmentThere is not much you can do to assist a bird that is already suffering from this problem. DO not try and force the egg out for attempt in anyway to remove it yourself. the best thing you can do it move the bird to a quarantine cage and closely monitor its activity. Add cod liver oil to the birds diet. this can be done by mixing a few drops of cod liver oil with the seed. Also ensure calcium is added to the diet. This can be provided thorough cuttle bone, grit and eggshells. 


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  • mndgng1

    I had heard of egg binding before but never knew what it was or what to look for. This was very good, so glad you put it out there for us to read. Thank you.