Shipping Costs

We work diligently with the US Postal Service and United / Delta Airlines to ensure your finches have a safe journey to you. On behalf of all the finches, we thank you for putting their needs first..

Due to several types of products sold o.n our site, there are several shipping options.

Finch Supplies and Bird Care Products are shipped separate from each other and are not able to ship with LIVE BIRDS.

A list of our shipping costs are described below.

At Checkout, please select the appropriate shipping option for your order.

$49.95 -  LIVE BIRDS - USPS Express Priority arrives through your local post office and takes 1 - 3 days after your shipment confirmation to arrive.  We encourage our customers to contact their local post office to let them know a "Live Shipment" is coming. Ask them to call as soon as your order arrives.  *Please note: Ship To location zip code will be the post office to call.  Ship days = Monday,  Tuesday, Wednesday

$119.95 - LIVE BIRDS - Commercial Airlines is sent to your nearest airport handling live bird shipments. Pick up locations vary - Cargo facility, baggage claim or ticket counter, depending on the airport.  Ship days = Monday thru Saturday 

$12.95 - USPS FLAT RATE - Finch Supplies OR Bird Care Products

$25.90 - USPS FLAT RATE - Finch Suplies AND Bird Care Products

$39.95 - USPS FLAT RATE - Cages OR Wooden Shipping Boxes

$62.90 - USPS LIVE BIRDS + Finch Supplies OR Bird Care Products

$75.85 - USPS LIVE BIRDS + Finch Supplies AND Bird Care Products

$132.90 - LIVE BIRDS - Commercial Airlines + Finch Supplies OR Bird Care Products

$145.85 - LIVE BIRDS - Commercial Airlines + Finch Supplies AND Bird Care Products


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