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Care: Birds - Scaly Face

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Symptoms: Knemidocoptes jamaiscensis is the form of scaly face that effects finches. Scaly face is when the mites burrow into the feathers and lay there eggs. It will continue to worsen as the eggs hatch and the mites grow. A scaly like film will develop over the skin, it can also effect the eye and if not treated may permanently effect the bird. Scaly leg mites is also a known disease. These mites affect birds leg by laying eggs in the skin. The damage is considerable and if not treated can become fatal.

Causes: Caused by the infection of mites. Transmission is normally occurred through feeding between the parents and young. Transmission between adult birds is known but not always the main source for transmission.

Treatment: In mild cases of burrowing mites, the treatment of the bird with paraffin (also known as paraffin oil and generally available in pharmacies)


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