Parasitical Worms

Symptoms: Spotting worms is easy. they will be present in the finches droppings, mouth and sometimes present in the water dishes. There are many types of worms that effect finches.  Tapeworm, Threadworm, Caecal worm, Roundworm, Gape worm and Gizzard worm. The finch will eventually get very weak and will die unless properly teated.

Causes: Worm s are picked up from finches eating live foods, droppings and from parents feeding their young.  open cage aviaries can also get infections from outside bird droppings falling into the cage. 

Treatment: Routine worm management plans are probably the best way to prevent and infections and subsequent loss of your birds. I use a Broad spectrum all wormer containing Praziquantel and Levamisole that covers all the type of worms that effect finches. Dosage and directions will vary according to product.

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