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Care: Birds v1.0 - Finch Nutrition

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Contrary to popular belief, grit is not necessary and not recommended.

  • Nutritional Requirements - Contains some basic information on each of the nutrients required by birds, including a table which details approximate "recommended nutritional allowances for granivorous (passerine) companion bird diets." 
  • Feed & Feeding Hygiene - Discusses problems associated with unhygienic feeding practices and provides information on how to avoid these problems.
  • Seed Mixes & Formulated Diets - Addresses the deficiencies present in seed-only diets and discusses the recommended use of formulated diets.
  • Safe, Toxic, & Unsafe Foods - Provides a list of fresh foods which are safe to provide to finches in moderation, as well as a list of unsafe foods which should be avoided.
  • Preparing an Egg-Mix & Other Soft Foods - Includes instructions for making an egg-mix and recipes for other healthy supplements.
  • Sprouting Seeds - Instructions for how to sprout seeds at home, including a list of needed materials.
  • Mealworms & Other Live Food - Instructions for starting and maintaining a mealworm colony and a discussion of other live food alternatives.
  • Introducing New Foods - Tips for weaning finches onto formulated diets and encouraging them to eat novel foods such as vegetables.
  • Austerity Diet & Feeding for Breeding - Discusses appropriate diets for breeding and non-breeding birds as well as why nutrient requirements are different between the two groups.
  • Is Grit Really Necessary? - Presents the facts you need to know regarding the use of grit for finches.
  • Nutrients & Their Sources - Includes a table which covers the major nutrients required by the avian body, their likelihood of deficiency, and some natural sources that contain the nutrients.
  • Nutrients: Signs of Excess - Some symptoms of nutrient overdose/toxicity.
  • Nutrients: Signs of Deficiency - Some symptoms of nutrient deficiency.

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